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Dear Ms Batra

Vikram is a hero and I salute you and all the mothers who toil day in and day out to ensure good upbringing of their children. I had this dream to join the Armed Forces but despite all efforts, I wasn’t blessed with this supreme profession. I was in school when the Kargil war happened. Being an army school, we were extremely concerned with what happened in Kashmir as many of our alumni were right up there. Nobody joins the Army to get name, fame, money, or Godliness for their families. The ones who join are selfless souls who want to live their life serving their motherland. I dare say that Indian Armed Forces is the only institution under the Government that still commands respect and can be example for high moral grounds, ethics, and culture.

However, it deeply hurts me when you facilitate the use of Vikram’s name by the Aam Aadmi Party for political gains. I welcome your brave decision to contest polls and do good to the nation. However, don’t you think that you should be doing it without quoting that you are Vikram’s mother and by speaking about what you can do for your constituency and the nation? Modi only paid tribute to Vikram and it should be appreciated rather than protested (just because protesting is the characteristic feature of AAP). Even if we are to assume that it was a political stunt, it is also a fact that the moment you and AAP decided to use (or abuse) Vikram’s name for political gains, the other political parties too get ready for the same.

Narendra Modi said Yeh Dil Maange More, reminiscing Vikram’s valor and paying tribute to him. I guess, any mother would be proud of this. But then, this happened just before your party’s plans to campaign and ask votes in Vikram’s name for you and for them (AAP, like Kejriwal does that Bahut Krantikari with Prasoon Bajpai). Thus, this masterstroke has greatly upset you and disturbed AAP’s equations. Is it not so evident that you are being used by the AAP because you are Vikram’s mother? Would they approach you if you weren’t Vikram’s mother or if Vikram was alive? Would he let you join them? How would he feel seeing you join a political organization that wants to separate Kashmir from India, while he laid down his life to ensure that Kashmir remains an integral part of the Indian Union.

Please correct your statement in your open letter. Vikram was NOT killed. He attained martyrdom. Who drafted your open letter? And what you are you asking Mr Modi? To withdraw candidate against you? I am almost One Hundred Percent sure that you didn’t draft this letter. You simply can’t. You are Vikram’s mother and Vikram went there on the battlefield, took his enemies face to face, and fought for the nation until his last breath. He didn’t plead the enemies to leave or withdraw. Escapism is the prime characteristic of the AAP and its leaders. I only wish it doesn’t brush up on you.

Madam, you must understand that terrorists or anti nationals do not come only from outside. There are internal terrorists as well who are equally harmful to the integrity of the nation. You could have taken a clue from Gen VK Singh joining the BJP, despite being a part of the India Against Corruption movement, rubbing shoulders with Anna Hazare and his associates, including Arvind Kejriwal. You could have looked around to see that none of these guys who started their fight against corruption are with Kejriwal or his party. Kejriwal has no plans to fight corruption. He is only fighting elections (in the name of corruption). Corruption is neither the only problem India faces nor can all problems that India faces be linked to corruption. We all know the problems but we need someone who can speak of solutions.

Why is it okay when AAP uses Vikram’s name to campaign for you? I fail to understand AAP’s logic in asking votes from people for being slapped, for being a common man (which of course they are not), for having only Rs 500 in pocket (against Rs 2 crores in affidavit), for being attacked, for being victims, etc. AAP should stop presenting itself and its candidates as victims and rather promote leadership traits in the party. Unfortunately, that may not happen because the entire political foundation has been based on the victimization culture.

Bravehearts like Vikram continue to inspire us all our life, no matter what happens. Lastly, I have no points to quote or suggest. After all, I am just one real common man, not the one who proclaims to be so wearing the AAP topi. I can only hope that you and your party stop politicizing a national hero. I welcome you to the political battlefront. I wish you all the very best for the elections and may the best candidate win.

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Show ur support to Martyrs. PVC Capt Vikram Batra’s Mother Hamirpur Candidate HP. Needs your help. Call Tanuj – 09873451111 #MyIndiaMyAAP
— Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty) April 30, 2014
Show your support to martyrs PVC Capt Vikram Batra’s mother is contesting from Hamirpur HP. She needs your help. Call Gaurav – 09910013910
— Yogendra Yadav (@AapYogendra) April 29, 2014
Gul Panag campaigns in Bilaspur today in support of Kamal Kanta Batra,mother of Martyr Capt Vikram Batra,PVC!Yeh dil mange more!
— Lt Gen H S Panag(R) (@rwac48) April 29, 2014
En route to Bilaspur (H.P.) to support Mrs Batra ( mother of Capt Vikram Batra,PVC ).
— Gul Panag (@GulPanag) April 29, 2014
Looks like the @AamAadmiParty has got the copyright to Vikram Batra. Sad political gimmick. Sadder that Ms Batra is a party to this.
— Puneetkumar Pattar (@puneet3210) April 30, 2014
I came to the rally on a very sad note. I was deeply pained on how petty politics took over my tribute to Vikram Batra in HP earlier today.
— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) April 29, 2014