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October 13, 2008

A famous song goes this way

Jindagi ek safar hai suhaana.. Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana..

Why am I saying this? In fact, even I am clueless why I said that. Perhaps, I don’t have anything to tell. Its the same classes at the same time from the same people listening the same stories. Nothing much to say either. I missed out writing about some great happenings on Friday.

We were all going for lunch together. And then, our great friend Sivakumar offered that we must go for something special today. Everyone agreed. He wanted to take us to a non vegetarian restaurant. I denied for I am a vegetarian. And then, I was told that we get vegetarian too there. Soon, we were off. Off where? Roads were lost. And finally found and re-found. And then, we were before a non veg restaurant. And seeing it, Bineet and I could not withstand ourselves. We clearly said that we are not coming. Though we requested everyone to continue, none went. Everyone decided to get back and we were soon before Shanti Sagar. And here, there was another issue. Some started hesitating to get in. So, I suggested another nearby restaurant. Sivakumar was very frustrated. After all, his plan was foiled. In fact, even after everyone being offered to go to that non-veg restaurant, no one did. However, the blame came on me as I was the first to quit. So, he got angry and said to me, “Eyy.. waat iz your problyem yaar?

No issues.

Coming back, finally, we decided to go to Shanti Sagar. And it took so long that Raghu could not bear the delay and already had idli vada. We went on and took a south Indian thali. Sivakumar, God knows what special thing was on for him today, ordered for a Kashmiri rice. In fact, we thought he has ordered for Kashmir itself. On listening to this, Sivakumar got angry and said, “Eyy.. waat iz your problyem yaar?

The food was soon on the table. I am a sweet crazy person. So, as usual, my tussle to snatch a bite from everyone was on. Seeing me, people felt a little awkward. Sweets were offered to me so that I can control myself and keep quiet. But then, who bothers. We don’t fall in the category of people who live for others. I never do anything to impress others. Whatever I do is an act to express myself. So, my tussle went on even after this.

The bill arrived soon. And before anyone could realize, our king Sivakumar had already made the payment. On asking if he really sponsored it, he angrily replied- “Eyy.. waat iz your problyem yaar?

I kept quiet. And then the waiter came back with the change. A couple of notes and coins. Sivakumar picked up the notes. The coins were a little away and not reachable. So, I picked them and handed over to him. And again, Sivakumar says, “Eyy.. waat iz your problyem yaar?

It was then I understood that he had intentionally left the coins as tips. Hmm.. Poor Puneet. I dont understand what is my problem. Had I knew, I would explain it to him.

And then, while moving back, I had another nice tussle with Naveen too. Back to IFBI, we sat in the lab. And I was off from my seat for a moment. Immediately, my system was captured and a mail was composed to be sent to everyone. I was afraid and ran to my system. And before I could stop, Raghu, Naveen, Raju, Gopi and everyone caught me in such a way that I could not move. Oh God! God knows what was being composed from my mailbox. I shouted out like hell. Such loud that our teachers were in lab in a moment and fired everyone. I was still not in control of my system and sir left. I was pulled out again and this time, 2 or 3 hands went inside my mouth. Chi chi chi.. So bad. I think it was Raghu’s hand that went in. Even then, I managed to shout. And this time, it was so loud that the issue became too serious. Bala sir was in within the next moment and he fired everyone. Shameless people, even then, they did not stop till the mail was sent. Things settled. And I went to my system to see what mail was sent. It was just a small mail teasing me. And I thought, why did I shout so much for this? In fact, if I was told, I only would have sent it.

Life is such an exciting journey. As lot of crazy stuff keeps happening. And with crazy people around you, its a tough task to escape from pranks. In fact, its only this day that I was on the other side of the table. Else, I keep troubling everyone always.

And yeah, I forget to mention one important thing. Sivakumar did not sponsor the lunch. He had just made the payment and he asked the guys to give it back to him after coming out of the restaurant. Guys only. Now, my question is, “Eyy.. waat iz your problyem yaar?

Nothing written above should be taken to heart. All names and characters are imaginary only. Any relation with anyone living or dead will be purely called coincidence. The author is not responsible for any damage.

Signing off for the day.

PS: This post was written in total agony. I had some anger on myself for some reason and was totally disgusted with what was happening in life. Somehow, unfortunately, I took out my anger wrongly on others.

October 14, 2008

The lyrics that I wrote in my yesterday’s blog post are more relevant today. Things appear to have gotten dull and worse from every angle. Today might soon be a significant day of my life at IFBI. Over 3 months and 1 week spent here, a lot of things have been adding to life. While most have been value additions, there are some of the other kinds too. I remember today, words of Bala sir, “Every human is bad, selfish and worst from their mind. Whatever good is done by us is just to show it to the world. Else, we are all built to be bad. It takes a huge effort to cleanse our mind, thoughts and our soul of all the dirt in us”. I did not believe these words when I heard but soon, I knew that there was a lot of truth in it. He gave a clue of the show, Moment of Truth, where a father runs out from circus when there is fire but comes back to save his child as soon as he recognizes that the child in inside. The point is we run for our life immediately and then we think of others, be it whoever. In fact, I have been observing one peculiar thing in me. I just speak out whatever I feel. Be it good, be it bad. I always speak out on the first shot, if it is something bad so that it is put out and it doesn’t remain in me. Bad thoughts must always get out of the mind at the earliest.

Coming back to the day, it started off quite well with a Rural Banking class. The syllabus too got over today. And then, a class on commodity markets was followed by a class by Bala sir on some subject which I am not getting on my memory now.

And then, an issue rose up. My yesterday’s teasing Sivakumar was used to fuel fire in him against me. I did not understand what was happening but I could see some strange reactions. Anyways, I have this habit of speaking out whatever comes in my mind. There is no hesitation to correct myself if I went wrong. So, I rung Sivakumar and told asked him if he felt bad but on the contrary he told, he enjoyed whatever I did. I was dumbstruck and went to the lab. Just before I could enter, I heard some people discussing some gossips & comments on me. I stayed out and heard. It was the regular yada vada that I am close to teachers, so they may give advantage for me, they gave good marks for me, so I have lot of ego, I don’t speak properly with anyone, etc, etc. So, I did not enter the lab. I am happy to learn what people think of me. There was nothing for which I got upset or felt bad. I always follow a principle when it comes to dealing with problems put up by 3rd parties into my life.

There are 2 things when someone says something about you

  1. He is telling the truth. Accept it. Improve. Be happy
  2. He is lying. Ignore him. Be happy

So, I don’t get bothered with comments on me except the ones who I believe are truly my well wishers. Rather, I welcome them.

As I said yesterday and as expected, Jindagi ek safar hai suhaana, Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana. And a lot has happened in one day.

Signing off for the day.

October 15, 2008

Its a real tough situation that is happening in the classes. Nothing goes into the head. Everything bounces out and out and out. After a lot of explanation, it appears as though things are clear. I guess I have lost the mood. There have been a lot of other things happening in life over which I am brooding. Things have gotten worse on a personal front. In life, nothing, nothing and nothing is clear. Topics of International Banking like export finance, bills, TTs, transfers, credit management, foreign exchanges, forwards, futures, options, swaps. etc are just taking us to the height of it. I am just feeling like when at least will Friday come and we will get rid of these subjects. In fact, the exam was scheduled today. However, due to excessive syllabus, we could not make up for it. So, it has been postponed to Friday.

In the class and after the class, I did not do anything much. I attempted the practice test, got up half way and called it a day.

Signing off for the day.

October 16, 2008

The attendance for the day was quite thin. Initially, we assumed that the classes would be cancelled for hardly 5 people were present. It so happens that a lot of people remain absent on the day before exam with a purpose of studying at home. And with my experience, I have seen that such people end up sleeping rather than studying. Well, this clause is applicable to ordinary humans and not to extraordinary people who might read the books several times. Soon, 3 to 4 people joined. On waiting for another few minutes, the strength reached a good count and the class began. There were some small portions to be covered . It was just a couple of pages for all the 3 faculty. All that was covered by 11 am.

And then, we had a revision of the syllabus and discussed some important questions, etc. I got to know one particular fact that this test will be a real test and it will be tough and challenging. Lets see what results come tomorrow. I guess the reason for this belief is also because I have lost the passion for what I am doing.

Signing off for the day.

October 17, 2008

The MT-6 on Corporate & International Banking (CIB) and Rural & Micro Finance (RMF) has just been concluded and it has gone fine. It was a real test. The questions were really challenging due to their vague character. One of the toughest test that I faced. I was at least thinking whether I would clear it or not. In between, I was so frustrated that I just gave it up for 2 minutes and took a breath and lied off on the computer table.

I thought how big a shame would it be if the computer screen declared me fail. But then, by God’s grace, its over with a good score too and that’s something to be really happy about.

Signing off for the day.