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October 06, 2008

I am back to Bengaluru and things have begun again. I reached Bengaluru around 8 am and then, I went to my room for a wash and change. I reached IFBI at 9.30 am. The foreign exchange classes and corporate banking classes continued the whole day. I just had lunch too and came back for the lab session.

Signing off for the day.

October 07, 2008

A lot of time was spent to discuss about the job related issues. Whether we will be joining ICICI Bank or will the HDFC interviews ever happen? And if yes, when? When shall we be joining? Where will we be posted? Whats the further process? And so on. The questions kept rising. A mood of depression prevailed in the class when a lot of people got disheartened to listen that the HDFC interviews might never happen. A good number of people have joined solely for the HDFC offer. It was a very tough time for many people who borrowed money and came in to this course. There were some cases where in people have resigned previous jobs as well. In fact, I am not much hurt by this as I have convinced myself of this negative news some 2 months back when the HDFC interviews were put on hold. But deep in my heart, there are other issues that have taken priority. I am looking for ways to resolve them. These issues have taken priority over the main issue. Lets see where we go.

Signing off for the day.

October 08, 2008

Classes are on a good move. A good volume of Corporate and International Banking is yet to be covered for the forthcoming MT-6 on 15th of this month. CIB is one subject which involves a lot of serious study. The topics are a little difficult to understand. Specially those topics that involve foreign exchange, etc. Its taking a lot of time and toll.

Signing off for the day.

October 10, 2008

Well, today is a day that has added to our knowledge that we shall be here for another 2 weeks. On 24th of this month, the last MT will be held and our classroom training comes to an end. A sad news is that Rahul sir has been posted to Mysore for the next two weeks. So, today is the last time we met him. There might be coincidences in the coming days. If not, its sad to say that it was the last time during the course. Of course, we are going to stay in touch. But still, there is some pain regarding total uncertainty about the job prospects & future. The Rural Banking and International Banking classes went on today as usual.

Signing off for the day.