September 22, 2008

We began the new week with classes on CIB and RB-II continuing. Further, today, the Book Review preparations are on a full swing. The presentation falls on Wednesday and a lot remains undone for the same. There is a long way to go. We have to plan out what has to be done, how, when and also need to implement this plan. We also need to make a presentation and do a couple of rehearsals.

Signing off for the day.

Shivanasamudra Tour

On Friday, we had been to a trip to Sivanasamudra and Talakadu lake. 19 of us got together to make this day beautiful. In fact, I had no plans to go. I had decided that I will not be going. Somehow, I had to listen to some requests and at the last moment (early morning), I changed my mind when Naveen called me. We were asked by the organizers to assemble at 6.15 am at the institute premises and we shall be leaving by 6.30 am. However, things take their own time and it was 8 am by the time the hired minibus took off. I saw a cricket bat and got excited. The search for a ball gave a lot of other things other than a ball. The shops too were not open. Luckily, before we left, we could get 2 balls.

The journey began. The first thing to begin, as history goes, was antakshari. I have a great track record in this game. In fact, I hold good number of records in this. Though I don’t sing well, I keep singing always as it helps me in relieving stress. Coming back, it was decided that there will be 5 in 1st team, the back sitters, and the 2nd team will have the remaining bus, 14 of them. The game went on for about half an hour and there was nothing stopping. Suddenly, there was some interest loss and the game was forgotten. I was not much involved in it. I just kept suggesting songs whenever there was a need for it.

Suddenly, someone got some shining powder and starting spraying in on everyone. I kept myself away from it by covering myself with a hanky.

After some time, people began dedications. A lot of songs were dedicated from one person to other. A lot of them on teasing lines and wooing the listeners. That was a great fun in passing songs from Saurav to his new found crush Vibha, the Great Bayyareddy to the Greater Nikitha, Raju to Jeena, Naveen to Rajlakshmi, Sivakumar to Sukanya, Raghu to Meenu and so on. I was kind of feeling bored. I don’t know what was making me sit so lethargically with no interest in anything that was happening. I was sitting at the corner seat of the bus. But then, I was very keenly observing what was happening.

Some observations of the songs dedicated

  • Deewana main chala to Raghu
  • Mukaddar ka Sikandar to Ajeya
  • Aayi re aayi re khushi to Sukanya
  • Chahe koi Mujhe junglee kahe to Kamaksha
  • Maruti’s was an awesome piece of choice, jungle jungle paar chali hai, pata chala hai, arey chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai, phool khila hai

And finally, it was my turn. I guess, a perfect one came up for me considering what I have shown to the people ever since we met. Though it might not very much relate to what I am in reality but it was an absolute truth as per my behavior at IFBI till now. The song, “Cash on my mind, making money all the time” was dedicated to me.

By then, we had reached Sivanasamudra. Its a beautiful waterfall and the most beautiful part of it was the mist the came out of it. We enjoyed the scene. A photo session went on for long. Now I see that I have one of the best photos shot at this place.

We were back in bus to move to the next destination, Talakadu lake. We had been having bread, jam, pepsi and all on the way. The fun was on and soon, we were at the lake. We went on to see the lake and everyone decided to go on to play and swim. Back to the bus, we changed our dress and got into shorts and ran towards the lake. All entered water but I just stopped at the border and continued playing cricket. After some time, all the water drenched people got me also into the lake. We played there for quite a long time. Ball catching, ball snatching, back diving in a group, competing to see how long can we stay in the water, etc. went on. I was happy to see that I have not forgotten swimming. It has been over 5 years that I have entered water. Way back in 2003, when I was in 12th standard, I was swimming at my school. And from then, I never did that. Whenever I thought of swimming in these 5 years, I felt as though I have forgotten it. But then, I realized that I am still able to swim. Some boys tried to enter the girls group but were kicked off by them.

We had to leave as we had to reach Bengaluru in time. Soon, we had a change and a cup of coffee and got on to the bus for the return journey. All bodies were tired and the energy was definitely sucked out in the day. Nothing much was going to excite in the return journey. I occupied a front seat to eat well and sleep well. In fact, we had good food too organized in the afternoon. Yet, hunger had struck back too quick. There was some fun that continued on the back seats with Binit which I got know later. Let me not reveal what fun it was.

I definitely have to mention that these were some good moments in life that I am going to cherish for a long time to come. Further, here is round of applause for the organizers- Raghu, Naveen, Meenu, Raju and everyone who added so much value into this day by joining us. And not to forget Naveen who ensured that he takes me along, no matter what comes.

And for those who missed out, I really feel sorry as they missed out a big opportunity to have fun and add more value into friendship. And perhaps, God did not want to see my name on this list.

September 23, 2008

The preparations have begun for the book review scheduled tomorrow. We have just planned out what has to be done and have created the slides for the same. There is a need for a lot of preparation. I don’t know how it is going to come out tomorrow.

Signing off for the day

September 24, 2008

Today was the D-Day for the presentation of book review. There are 5 teams and each of them is going to deal with a book. Gung Ho, Who Moved My Cheese, The Ice Cream Maker, Raving Fans and The One Minute Manager. Our team was assigned with the book Who Moved My Cheese. Honestly, there was almost zero preparation by us till yesterday. We all were in a dilemma about what has to be done. And it was me who had to be blamed for it as I was expected to take the lead in this activity while I sat idle and uninterested. I regret on this attitude of mine today. Had I taken the lead just one day back, we would have been taking the first position today. I never expected that the performance would come so good. Seeing other teams making a lot of effort, I personally felt that there is no worth making effort as the outcome will be zero. Assuming this, I just went ahead with this activity for the heck of it. We just prepared the slides yesterday and put in a small role play into the presentation. Further, we added some reviews by our friends on this book (which were all fake). And then, we disbursed after dividing the slides for presentation among us. I had also taken up the responsibility of presenting an introduction. And I really feel bad to accept that I did not bother to even think about this responsibility yesterday. After reaching my room, I just had my food, got my clothes ready and went to bed. There were a lot of personal issues that made things very difficult to handle.

Today morning, when I saw that everyone was so serious in preparing, I felt that I will be on a comedy circus. And then, my teammates, especially Naveen, spoke to me and I could feel that the expectation that he had from me was too high. I knew I was not just cheating them but I was cheating myself by my laziness and not doing the assigned work. That was not the way to go about. We had about 20 minutes left and I decided to get serious and I immediately wrote down points for my introduction. I even rehearsed them. Though, I also need to accept the fact that what I had written was something, what I rehearsed was something else and both these had no relation to what I actually presented. But, Thank God, it came out well. And by the end of our presentation, though I was happy for the team’s performance, I was sad for the point that I did not give it what it deserved. I did not even care to involve myself as I did in ISAS or for that matter, any other events that I participated in. Had I done that, we would have clinched the first position. In fact, getting second position without a proper preparation is an achievement in itself. Yes, second position. But, when we could do so well without that, imagine what we could do with that. I think, it is a lesson for me learn today that I need to stay motivated and interested in things happening in life. Else, things will go wrong. There are a thousand things happening in life simultaneously and there is a huge need to allocate appropriate importance to everything. If not, you can never forgive yourself.

Overall, it was a good day. There were great shows by all the teams. A lot of them came up with new ideas and innovative ways of doing things. To my greatest surprise, I was declared the best performer (reasons mentioned under) followed by Meenu, Rekha, Naveen & Sukanya. There were a lot of jealousy faces but then, I guess, they were not pointed at me. Even I believed that I was undisputed the best. The best in improvement of performance category were Sameer & Sivakumar. And one very good thing about today’s book review was that everyone delivered very well. There was no one who we can say has not done well.

As far as my performance is concerned, I am sad that I could not give the team what it needed. Though I gave everything for it today, I failed to give it yesterday and the days before yesterday. The planning was not in position. I will ensure that the next time, planning gets effective.

Signing off for the day.

My script during the presentation. There were huge accolades for this and I was thrilled to see the kind of response I got from everyone. It was amazing. I narrated the script along with Heartbeats track from Kal Ho Na Ho and Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai (violent music only) from Roja.

Here it goes

What is the most important thing in your life? Which is the most beautiful thing for you?

Close your eyes. For the next 3 or 4 minutes, I request you to give to 2 things. 1 is truth and the other is honesty. This is an experiment to have an insight into your lives, your thoughts, your strengths, your weaknesses. So, kindly be honest to get the right insight.

Kal Ho Na Ho music starts..

Imagine, you are sitting in a beautiful garden. Its a cool evening with fresh breeze flowing into you. It is making you and your life as fresh as it is. And with you is the most beautiful, most important thing or person that you always dreamed of. Yes, this is the life that you always wanted to lead. You are HAPPY. You are delighted. You are feeling great. All your dreams have come true.

Violent music from Roja starts..

And suddenly, there is a bomb blast. A suicide bomber has not just killed himself but also destroyed that thing which you had achieved. If it was love, you love is no more. If it was a car, the car has gone into pieces. If it was career, you have been hit by the bomb in a such a way that you can never go back to work. What next? You have lost everything. There is nothing left in your life. Your parents, friends, relatives, everyone is upset with you. You have become a loser. You feel its better to commit suicide and end this life.

Violent music ends & Kal Ho Na Ho plays back..

Life is a saga, a journey from existing position to a desired position. We all strive, we all struggle, we all make effort to better our lives. We all have aims, objectives and thoughts to lead our lives. For some, it might be to get a great job, to get a good career ride, to get a good wife or husband, to keep parents happy, to help people lead better lives, to buy a car, bungalow, a lot of money, etc. Man is always on a ride to make these dreams come true. A dream something that is the most important aspect in our lives. A person without a dream is like a person sitting in a bus without knowing where to go. But then, making all dreams come true is definitely a tough task. It needs a lot of things like effort, hard work, honesty, integrity, etc. And for all this to come in life, one factor that’s most influential is CHANGE. Life changes and we need to change with it. The person who adapts to change quickly is the one who wins. He is the one who can be called as Opportunity user. The others change as a matter of compulsion. There are simple and basic points in life that we need to remember with regards to change. Changes do happen and we need to accept these changes. To be a winner, you need to anticipate changes and monitor them. There is a need for us to adapt to these changes recognized by us to ensure that we are ready to rock on with life. Be open to changes and enjoy the changes. After all, change is the spice of life. But always remember, Stay committed in your decisions but stay flexible in your approach. I repeat, Stay committed in your decisions but stay flexible in your approach.

Now, slowly, open your eyes. I am sure, you have felt the change and have got the zeal to face changes in life. And with this, I have reached my objective of making the book’s message reach you all. We now need to know who is this great man behind the book Who Moved My Cheese?

And then my presentation begins.

PS: Bala sir told me that I performed this act on par with Amitabh Bachchan. Specially the violent dialogues were delivered so effectively and with so much force that he was totally disturbed. In fact, he conveyed that he was seriously sitting and imagining spending a beautiful evening with his daughter & son in law and when I said about blast and all, he almost imagined these things and broke his eyes open. “Perhaps, it was his involvement and not my performance that has to be appreciated“, I said. Rahul sir also said that I made a comeback like Amitabh Bachchan. The expectations were very high & I exceeded them. That was really surprising.

September 25, 2008

Today, the book review results were declared again and chocolates were distributed among everyone to celebrate the success. The monthly test is the next big thing on the way. Rahul sir came up with some ideas like giving presentations on our states, giving a presentation on various important happenings across the globe, etc. He wanted us to do in a group while I continued to request him to make it a individual game so that everyone plays seriously. However, things did not turn in my favor as a good number of people wanted the activities to continue in a group (mainly to skip making the effort).

Signing off for the day.

September 26, 2008

Some syllabus is remaining to be completed and things are picking up speed. Today is one special day for me. Nothing much happening except academics.

Signing off for the day.


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