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August 18, 2008

6 weeks up and the 7th has begun. Its indeed a big time spent over here in the portals of IFBI, Bengaluru. I can say that we are through almost 50% of the training program. But then, there is yet a lot to come and a lot to learn. Learning is a never ending process. Every moment of life teaches you something, irrespective of whether you want to learn or not.

There was a long weekend gap. Not to forget, we had been to the Lalbagh on Thursday. Me, Naveen Koganti, Maruti, Raghavendra, Raju and Gopinath. I was too tired and upon that, we had been issued a new set of books today which were being carried by us in our bags. That made it too heavy and made the trip a little uncomfortable. It was raining too and that added some more problems. There was a good Flower Show going on in that place. It was arranged in a beautiful manner. Raghu was taking continuous photographs. I was just thinking what has made him so excited that he is taking so many photographs. Even Gopinath joined him in the process followed by Naveen and Raju. Hmm.. I think they were showing off their mobiles to each other and also to me and Maruti who did not have a camera cell 🙂 Kidding.

We had plans of meeting on Saturday at BTM Water Tank for some reasons. However, only Maruti turned up for that. The camera mobiles were off 😛

Today, we had a class on customer service and Finacle. We were taught about Transaction Maintenance (TM) today. It includes cash transfers, normal receipts, normal payments, etc. And then, we had a revision for the MT-2 scheduled tomorrow at 8 am.

Post lunch, I came back with an intention of studying the LMS portion for the test tomorrow. However, that did not get possible. I was able to cover just 2 chapters and another 6 remain unread. I need to cover them using the RB-I book or by coming early in the morning for the same.

Signing off for the day.

August 19, 2008

We have just finished the MT 2 forever. It was good and as a class, the teachers were glad to see a 100% pass. Everyone cleared the test with good marks. I was among the best performers. The test was on OOB, AML & LIEB. It was a 40 minute test comprising 25 questions.

The classes continued then.

And after lunch, we had gone for a special meet. Naveen, Raghavendra, Maruti, Sivakumar and Raju accompanied me. And after the meet, we went back home.

These days, a sort of problem has arisen at my PG. The geyser at my room is not working and I am supposed to use the geyser at the other room. And the person in the other room keeps it locked. I have told him a couple of times about the issue and yet, he doesn’t understand. Today, I faced the same problem and due to time constraint, I had to adjust with cold water. It had rained the previous night. And some drizzling too was on. And in such a condition, using ice cold water on the body made me remember the Indian Army. I somehow managed to get in at right time in to IFBI to attend the test scheduled at 8 am.

A new plan of doing something new is going on in my mind. And I have passed on the plan to my friends too. They all have liked it. And soon, we might start exploring the opportunity.

Signing off for the day.

August 20, 2008

The PCSS syllabus is moving quick. It form the portion for the next monthly test on 05 Sep 2008. Its not just moving fast, but also adding a lot of value into life. It teaches us how to be a better person and have a better professional life.

Today, I am leaving early as I have some works to be completed.

Signing off for the day.

August 21, 2008

I got up too late today as I slept too late yesterday. Further, I skipped my breakfast to ensure that I am in right time to the class. Though I reached in time, I was uncomfortable. I managed to stay on cool. However, I had to face some sour things yet again due to this unease.

As it keeps happening with me, I am misunderstood many a times by a lot of people as having a superiority complex or being egoistic. Though not true, I know that my body language has to be blamed for this. Though I am open minded and do not have any such complexities, sometimes, I am too deeply involved in some thoughts that totally zeroes my response to other things and thereby people come to such conclusions like I am having an ego, etc. I need to put a conscious effort to overcome this. And once a person points me out, I feel bad for that and I usually decide to keep quiet rather than trying to prove anything. Unfortunately, even this too appears as a signal of ego. I need to do something in relation to this. Though I have always tried to keep myself in a low profile, it does not happen and in some or the other way, I am highlighted. And then, the expectations of the people grow and its really tough to live up to all these expectations. But then, I can’t run away either. So, I have to find a perfect solution to this particular problem. In fact, its not a problem. I can say, its an impression that gets created in the mind of the other person due to what I do. I just need to ensure that such misunderstandings don’t happen.

Today, we have been given a new task of covering up a topic in tomorrow’s class. I shall be covering up the topic along with my team that includes Raju, Vibha and Ruchi.

The reviewing activity for the day was done by Gopinath and it was very good show put up by him. He was confident, continuous and had a good flow of thoughts.

Signing off for the day.

August 22, 2008

Its the seventh week of training that has come to an end at IFBI. Life has been good, nice, fine, cool, tough and everything. We have been seeing all the colors of life. One thing that is undeniable is that we have built a great relationship among us. Good friends have been added into everyone’s life. There is a mix up of various types of people at all new places and soon, once we get to know them, we feel we all are the same.

Today was a good day and the classes went as usual. The day began with a presentation from our group on Working with Various Types of Customers, Rapport Building with Customers and Rapport Building on the Telephone. I had not prepared anything for this. As I came to the class in morning, I noticed that there is a need to get ready for the same. It was about 7.35 am and I immediately prepared slides to cover all the topics. And then, I gave an extempore presentation on the same. It was easy as I could refer to the slides. Only after the presentation, I got to know that we had skipped a topic titled ‘Understanding Customer Types’. However, it was explained by Laxminarayana sir. In fact, I wanted to present it as a team. But then, as we had no prior planning in relation to this, it was not possible. I wanted someone else to do it. But, seeing that no one was ready, I did that. And sadly, after I completed about 70% of the show, Ruchi came in (she was a little late to the class) and after I completed 100%, she said that she was prepared for this. And then, even Raju and Vibha had a similar reaction. I felt like I snatched a chance from them and it was a little difficult to digest. Though I wanted others to do it, it finally ended in my hands. It was just a small presentation. But then, there is always a high value attached to small things in the short term. In the long run, nobody remembers them and they are definitely insignificant. I remember having done so many skits, plays in college; debates, declamations in school, college; but then, at that time, life would be so dependent on it. Today, we don’t even remember them. Life is full of opportunities. Whoever takes them is wise. I thought so and went ahead.

Coming to the other bang of the day. It is the reviewing given by Naveen Koganti on yesterday’s learning. Only one word that can be said in relation to this is ‘Perfect’. He had prepared beautiful slides and had prepared himself well for the show. He did it in a very beautiful manner and sir termed it as a ‘Zero-Defect Show’. All these words were told by the faculty. I found it just a little above average.

After the class, we had some roleplays in the class where I was acting as a shrewd lazy uninterested manager and others came in as customers with various questions. E.g. Raghu came with a cheque that was not cleared and he never got a response from me, Naveen came to open an SB account which was never opened and he just scolded and ran away, Raju came to ask for a loan (for marriage) and I fired him and sent him out and Rekha came in to open a partnership account and had a tough time too. It was a great fun and a lot was learnt from such plays too.

Later in the day, after lunch, we practiced Finacle till evening.

Signing off for the day.

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