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July 29, 2008

The last day for the scrapbook preparation is today. And things are taking a toll. A little tension has been added on air due to the serial blasts at Ahmedabad and also various findings of the similar nature all over the nation. Sadly, the border situation has added to all the mess as the Pakistani soldiers are trying to infiltrate into the LoC. Things are appearing too fishy. India is facing a lot of problems, both internally and externally. On one hand, the social life of the people has been affected and on the other, the defence of the nation has been questioned. And all this in just 48 hours of time.

The week thus began weak. It was tough and uninteresting too. In fact, we had gathered on Saturday too at IFBI for the purpose of preparing for the ISAS. It has been postponed to Tuesday (from Monday). However, due to me being very tired due to the previous day’s work, I was unable to do anything.

And today too was the same case. I have not even read my topics and I am not sure what they contain. The most important part of the show is the powerpoint presentation. After the classes, I sat down preparing the presentation. Everyone passed the data to me and I just compiled them and prepared the same. Further, this process carried on upto 7.15 pm. It was a tedious job, though satisfying. Sweat always satisfies!

And now, I am with the task of going and preparing myself for the big day ahead. A maximum part of my work remains undone. And with the kind of tiredness I am experiencing, I really doubt what I am going to do when I get back home.

Signing off for the day.

July 30, 2008

At last, we are here, completed the task of ISAS, the biggest rating activity at IFBI. It was a great day and I just loved it. We all had been making a lot of effort for this activity. Struggle was on day in and day out, especially some groups that were so secretive and were involved in this almost on a full time basis.

Its great to see that everyone outperformed on this day adding to the delight of the faculty. There is not even a single person who can be considered as low on performance. Thats what happens when everyone makes a serious effort towards something. Dedication and consistent efforts are the keys to success.

Teams were chosen randomly to give the presentations. The day began with the presentation by Team 1 on the topic “Rural Banking”. The team consisted of Rekha, Jeena, Vibha, Kamaksha and Raju. It was a good show covering up on all the aspects of the topic. It was followed by Team 2’s presentation on the topic “Impact of Technology on Service Sector” consisting of Chitra, Bayyareddy, Richa, Saurav and Sameer. The 4th team consisting of Raghavendra, Naveen Crasta, Shivkumar, Nikita and Bineet gave the presentation on “Relevance of Customer Service”. The next was Team no. 3 consisting Sukanya, Ajeya, Gopinath, Rajlaxmi and Naveen Koganti who gave the show on “Retail Revolution”. And the last team was ours. Team 5 consisting Meenu, Ruchi, Aditya, Maruti and I gave our show on “Housing Industry and Employment Growth”.

One thing that I liked about the activity was that it gave rise to a healthy competition. People also realised their potential. Most of them got an exposure to perform and I am sure, they will perform much better in the time to come.

The faculty too loved it. The scrapbooks were also designed beautifully. Altogether, it was a great day.

I don’t wish to pass on my comments on anyone or any group as this is the stage of growth and development. This is not competition. The competition is yet to come.

Signing off for the day.

July 31, 2008

Say little, and love much.. Give all.. Judge no man.. Aspire to all that is pure and good..

The ISAS results have been announced and our team has made it to the top. I was sure of this as our scrapbook was prepared in a great manner. Moreover, the presentation had been planned in a very appropriate manner to justify the subject. Further, as a team as well as individuals, we had given it our best. But then, I am neither delighted nor excited for this. The reason being, this is just a healthy growing exercise. The top few performers were also declared, namely, Meenu, Rekha, Sukanya, Bineet and me too.

This marks the close of one chapter called ISAS which has extracted a lot of work from us. But then, its a beginning of a new chapter in human relations, team work, additional competencies, stronger competition in the days to come.

We were supposed to submit an assignment on Accounts today to Laxminarayana sir. And I remembered about this yesterday night at around 10 pm. I was watching ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ and did not wish to leave that. So, I started writing the assignment later and that continued till late night 12.30 am. Obviously, I got up a little late. However, I managed to pick up and get things right at the right time in the right way.

The other day, Bineet had given a review on one day. I missed writing about it. He did it in a good way, cool, natural and confident.

And now, its time to get ready for the next war, the monthly test no. 1 on 4th of August 2008. Battle after battle, keep making efforts to win them, and finally, you win the war.

The woods are dark, lovely and deep.. But I have promises to keep.. Miles to go before I sleep.. Miles to go before I sleep..

Signing off for the day.

August 01, 2008

Today is the last day of July and yeah, the birthday of Raghavendra Rao Sajja, the hot boy of the class. It was definitely a big surprise planned by Naveen and Raju. We celebrated the day by cake cutting in the morning in the presence of all students and faculty too. The way the birthday boy’s face was splashed with cake cream was a scene to watch for. It almost took an hour for him to wash it off.

The classes are going for longer time as the exam is coming soon. A lot needs to be studied. The books are too big to be covered in this short time.

The birthday boy sponsored the lunch as a birthday treat.

The classes continued after the lunch too. And after the class, we had another treat from the birthday boy to the entire class.

The day went fine and the celebrations were too good.

Signing off for the day.

August 02, 2008

The new month has begun. And the upcoming challenge is the 1st monthly test on monday. Today is the last day for the week. There were some revision classes and some important questions, areas, etc were being discussed. And after all that, we had to present a feedback on the faculty on the LMS. Further, there are some practice tests on the LMS which need to be attempted before taking up the real test on Monday. Lots to do. And yeah, there is also a need to read the books too that I have not yet started.

Signing off for the day