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June 06, 2008

I am at IFBI, Bangalore. I just completed the test ICET which was conducted. And in the meantime, I just found that I have some time till the next process begins. And I just thought, I will write a blog post.. Chori Chori.. Chupke Chupke..

Yeah, my BCom exams too are going on. I just completed the 5th paper yesterday and there are 2 more to go. I have an exam tomorrow also. But due to date problems, I had to come here to give the exam. It was a sudden decision. I left home at 10.20 pm yesterday to catch the train that would leave Hubli at 10.45 pm (Rani Chenamma Express). I had my reservation done. However, due to certain problems, the train came at 12.40 am, ie, about 2 hours late. I was too sleepy and got asleep the moment I got into the train. Thank God, I had a reservation done. Usually, I never do that. And the train was supposed to reach at 7.30 am and due to the delay, it was supposed to reach by 9.30 am. But then, due to some more problems in the engine, it landed here at 10.30. My test was scheduled at 11 am. And I had to call and reschedule the test to 12.30 pm.

Mam came.. Lemme log off & continue later.

July 07, 2008

7th July 2008 is the date and I was up by 6 am. After a quick shave and bath, I got into my clothes (obviously) and began my march from #209/A, 7th Main, 10th Cross, Byrasandra, Bengaluru to the destination where I had to join for the new beginning called as a professional life, a life which I have been dreaming from years together. Well, even this kind of a life is beginning with the usual student life. As always known, its always education first and then work. Its the Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance Training Limited at 74-2, 1st Floor, Sanjana Plaza, Elephant Rock Road, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bengaluru where I was selected to join a course titled Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations to get the passport to a banking job into any of the private sector banks, namely ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank, upon successful completion of the course. I shall be here in this arena for about 3 months and these shall form an important part of the job that I am going to do. And these few days might also be an important part to define the future path of my life too.

Well, I reached the institute and got into the classroom by 7.45 am. The class was supposed to begin at 8 am. And it began. It was a highly experienced person, Mr Rahul, who appeared about 40 years old (but he is actually more than 50) who worked with Syndicate Bank for 25 years before taking the benefit of VRS in 2002. Further, he practiced law for 4 years and then he is with IFBI since its inception in December 2006. I was happy and glad to be associated with such rich people. People with rich experience are the real rich ones.

It began with the usual introduction of all the students. We were about 20 in this batch. And soon, the books opened. The first lesson began with the evolution of money and banking system. They were quite good. Everyone was asked to read and explain some paragraphs. And I was highlighted for giving a good explanation for what I read. And yeah, got a round of applause too. Thank you. Thank You. :). Good omen for a good beginning. The classes went on and on. And then, we were asked to practice computers for the rest of the day. And the lesson to practice is Internet. So, I just thought, let me make the best use of this time and decided to write something.

The race has begun..!!

July 09, 2008

The clapping continues..

The day began a little late. While I was awake by 5.40 am, I lazily lied down till 6.30 am and my body not ready to support me to move on. Tiredness had added up a lot due to heavy walking undertaken by me yesterday. I had walked at least 10 kilometres for sure. After everything, I moved out of the PG by 7.30 am and reached the restaurant for breakfast, had a couple of idlis and reached the institute in time. A new faculty, Mr. Nagesh took the class of Basics of Information Technology. It was all the same word, powerpoint and all such stuff that was to read. The only difference being that we would be using instead of Microsoft Office. As MS Office is a software that we need to purchase, organizations prefer as it is a freeware. Its almost the same with some small deviations.

After that, we had a small class on Banking again and then practicals followed.

The usual college type life is back now. Yeah, some fun too has begun. I was caught chatting and warned 😦 Hmmm.. Alls a part of life.. Lets see how the progress continues..

For the moment, I am logging off for the day.

July 10, 2008

After a couple of days of initial effort, I feel, I have slowly adapted to the system. All has become a part of life. Getting up early by 6, having a bath, walking to the classes after a breakfast on the way, attending the early morning computer class which has become a real problem due to the amount of boredom created by it, then a class on banking studying the same things which I have been doing all through the past couple of years, lab sessions where I keep sending more emails rather than doing the assignments and then, moving back to the different tasks. Today at least, I fell asleep in the class. There’s nothing special to mention about. This is just the 3rd day and we need to spend 3 months in the same kind of a life. Though its getting a little boring (rather much), I believe, slowly, things might change. I was given a student number today. My number is 4010800292.

That’s all for the day. I think, I will soon move from here and go ahead with different tasks for the day.

Signing off..

July 11, 2008

Life is getting busier with each passing moment. Not only the responsibilities are stacking up, but also the expectations have risen. Expectation at work, at class, at everywhere. And now, I am supposed to work like a computer without a margin for any error, here too. Things have taken a little serious turn at IFBI too. With each day beginning with morning lectures from any student who will be chosen randomly, everyone has become more serious. Further, the speed at which the academic bus is moving, it appears as though we are in a spacecraft. A chapter or two get completed each day. When I sat seriously and gave a thought, we are learning a year’s college syllabus in just 2-3 months. And the expectation is much higher than the college. All these days, knowledge would be judged only during exams. However, the time has now come when it is judged every moment. We are expected to remember all that we have learnt all through the life. And it is a serious issue. That’s called professional life.

I am happy that I have made a good number of friends over here. Most of the student here are from different places. There are many from Andhra and some from Assam, MP, Kerala and various parts of the nation. Its a nice feeling to mingle up with all these persons of varied backgrounds. While some are BCom graduates, there are many who are MBAs, BEs, BTechs, BScs, etc. So, there is a lot of diversity. And to ensure that we have an unity in this diversity, I have created an orkut community at and requested everyone to join over there.

One of my new friends, Raghavendra, was called up for the surprise presentation today. He is a happy jolly cool kind of a guy and it was a big surprise for him too. Though he felt a little nervous in the beginning, all went well in the latter part and he gave a good show.

A little seriousness has added up in me too. I had my lunch and went back to the labs to complete all the assignments. However, due to certain reasons, the lab was closed by 3.30 pm and I moved out. I completed whatever best possible from me. There are just a few more exercises that remain, which I shall get tomorrow. I could not blog from the institute due to time bounds. I could not even ignore the activities and blog, like I did all these days. Thats why I said, things have become more serious. I call it a day for now. I have plans to get back and read for some more time. However, the need to get up might suppress this plan. Lets see. Signing off for the day.

July 12, 2008


We just completed 1 working week over here at IFBI and I am excited. Its been a great time altogether spent here with all the new things learnt, new people met and many many new things of life. Of course, not to forget getting up at 6 am, which has also become a new part of life. More than sadness for having not been able sleep cool as I did before, I am happy that I am back to the routine of life. Life is definitely a serious game which needs to be played in the right spirits with all the efforts. Breakfast of 1 plate idli for Rs 9 every day also has been an ingredient of daily life. Idli is one of the coolest thing we can consume for breakfast. Its plain, pure, simple, energy giving and cheap too. Tea breaks and coffee breaks to beat the sleep also have become a chilling part of this life. More importantly, responsibility has added up seriously. There is no way escaping anything. Performance is a must. The show must go on irrespective of whatever that happens. Unlike college days, there is no more leisure for excuses like I could not study, I could not understand, I will do it tomorrow, its not my duty, etc. Everything has to be done and for anything skipped, be ready to pay the price for that. Yes, thats how a banker’s life is. Heavy risks definitely lie on them. More than anything, they are risk managers. And we too have slowly started becoming the same.

Things are moving quite good. We all are in a good pace. However, there is a definite need for more and more efforts. Efforts are something which can never be ignored. For whatever you do wherever and whenever, efforts are the prerequisite for anything and everything.

Today was a fair day. We had only the banking class where different aspects like cheque collection, debit cards, credit cards, bills, etc which were discussed yesterday were summarized and presented. The presenter almost went like the Kolkata express. However, one thing that I really appreciate is that audience was paying attention. It is an inbuilt quality for most women that, irrespective of any fact, people find interest in listening to them. In another presentation about the Impress software which is a MS Powerpoint version in OpenOffice, the reviewer gave a good review of whatever was taught the previous day.

One thing that I have noticed is that the MS PowerPoint is a better software than OO Impress. PPT is easier to use with good menu systems, nicely designed, easily accessible and nicely laid out. OOI lacks some of these features.

Well, the day ended a little early as we did not have the computers class.

We had the usual lab sessions to complete our practicals that went good too.

Soon, there was an ICICI Bank executive who came to introduce and offer the education loans for the course that we are undergoing here. The fees comes to about Rs 66000 of which everyone has made a payment of Rs 34000. The remaining Rs 32000 could be taken as an education loan from the bank subject to its discretion. In some cases, they may also sanction Rs 66000 to those in need and satisfy the requirements.

After all this, we went down to Spencers and Mr Raghavendra Rao gave us a treat with Bourbon biscuits, Horlicks biscuits and Maaza 🙂 Thanks to him for that and cheers..

That was all for the week.

Signing off for a cool weekend. I’ll be back soon.